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The joy of making beautiful things is our passion. Helping our customers bring their ideas, their visions and their plans to life is our raison d'etre.

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I’m Anthony Howard, Founder and Owner of Ashwood Interior Woodcraft, and I have been making furniture now for over 30 years.

After gaining my degree in Economics and Politics, I considered a number of challenging career options. However, having always been passionate about great design, and with my love of engineering and manufacturing, it was a ‘happy inevitability’ that I would choose to establish Ashwood Interior Woodcraft.

Even after so many years, every new Client brings us new ideas, fresh inspiration and a unique challenge to our collective creativity and skills. Rising to that challenge keeps me and our whole team motivated, focused and determined to produce exceptional furniture and interiors for you. So, please share your vision with us.


Trust the Experts...

We have specialised in creating custom-built office and domestic furniture for three decades. In our workshops, experienced craftsmen practice their traditional joinery skills with the aid of the latest machinery, including a four-sided planer, edgebander and a CNC router, and our own veneering facilities and spray shop.

We undertake intricate work such as special mouldings, door frames, screens, radiator housings and skirting, and commissions for bespoke individual pieces of furniture, as well as large scale commercial projects – all to the same high standards, and with meticulous attention to detail.

For example, we have produced every conceivable type of office furniture for over 50 leading Barristers’ Chambers in London, ranging from ‘one-off’ items such as pigeon holes to the design of entire clerks’ rooms and shelving for each individual barrister in the chambers.


Anthony Howard
Founder and Owner - Ashwood Interior Woodwork...
"It's all about choice"